Whiteoak Global Series

Enabling Australian access to global specialists

Whiteoak Global Series is a curated range of differentiated investment strategies from world-class private equity managers.

World’s leading private equity managers

Australian domiciled investment vehicles

Simple & transparent investment process

Why invest in Global Private Equity?

Leading institutional investors have increased their allocations to global private equity over the last 20 years because this asset class has historically delivered the highest annualised investment returns with low levels of volatility, creating a highly compelling risk-return profile.

The best global private equity managers take advantage of a rich opportunity set in private markets, add strategic and operational capability to portfolio companies and apply a long-term perspective to build value.

Private equity funds have traditionally been excellent portfolio diversifiers, which combine low public market correlation with strong potential for superior investment returns.

Why Whiteoak Global Series?

Despite the attractive characteristics of the global private equity asset class, Australian family offices, high net worth individuals, wealth managers and smaller institutional investors have typically found it difficult to gain exposure to the best global private equity opportunities. A combination of large minimum investment sizes, global tax complexity, and the challenge of building deep relationships with the right managers have created substantial barriers to access.

Whiteoak Global Series offers sophisticated local investors a suite of carefully selected funds managed by the world’s leading private equity managers. Available via Australian unit trusts, these investments have been specifically designed to simplify the investment experience for Australian investors. 

Our team

The Whiteoak team carefully selects and offers the world’s finest private market investment opportunities. By combining our deep understanding of local investor needs, our global networks, and a rigorous manager selection process, we are ideally positioned to meet the needs of our clients.

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Our mission

Enable Australian high net worth, family office and institutional clients to invest with the world’s leading private market asset managers through Australian-domiciled funds. We combine our deep understanding of the key success factors in private equity with a client-focused understanding of portfolio construction requirements.

“We are passionate about providing sophisticated Australian investors with straightforward access to the best opportunities in international private markets. We build valued long-term relationships with our clients by placing them at the centre of everything we do”